Angusshire 4, Dundee (Dalton & Hamer, page 403)

Denomination: shilling, scarcity: Rare (R)
4. O: An ancient cross, W. DES. at the sides. DUNDEE SILVER MEDAL PRICE ONE 
      SHILLING. Ex.: CROSS TAKEN DOWN 1777. S of "CROSS" over 1 in date.
   R: An armed Highlander. Point of sword to T. FROM THE HEATH-COVER'D MOUNTAINS
      OF SCOTIA WE COME. Ex.: The arms, supporters, and motto of Dundee in a sunk
      oval. (Same for Nos. 3-4).

Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 also struck in copper.

No. 4 (copper), RRR. 4 (silver), R. No. 4 in copper was not traced.


w des,dundee silver medal price one shilling,cross taken down 1777,from the heath-cover'd mountains of scotia we come,dei donum

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