Warwickshire 44, Coventry (Dalton & Hamer, page 266)

Denomination: penny, scarcity: Very rare (RR)
44. O: Front face bust (Dr. Holland). PHILEMON HOLLAND M.D. DIED 1636 AGED 85.
    R: An open book inscribed, "With one Sole Pen I wrote this Book, Made of a
       gray Goose Quill. A Pen it was when I it took A Pen I leave it still."
       Ex.: 1801 I.G.H.

No. 44, RR.


philemon holland m d died 1636 aged 85,with one sole pen i wrote this book,made of a gray goose quill,a pen it was when i it took a pen i leave it still,1801,i g h