Identify Cheshire Macclesfield halfpenny
Obverse: where dot near date is placed?
("after" means dot is between "1758" and "CHARLES")
Reverse: date
Reverse: where top bar is pointing w.r.t. HALFPENNY?
Reverse: where lower bar is pointing w.r.t. HALFPENNY?

What it is and what it isn't

This interface is designed to help to identify Cheshire Macclesfield halfpenny tokens. It will only work for tokens which have:
1) Charles Roe obverse (legend: CHARLES ROE ESTABLISHED THE COPPER WORKS 1758);
2) Female with mining tools reverse (legend: MACCLESFIELD HALFPENNY);
3) dated 1790, 1791, 1792.
Example of such halfpenny token: Cheshire, 16.

If your token does not satisfy three aforementioned conditions (all of them!), this will not work.

How to use

Set the properties of your token in the form and press "Search". Dot position and date are fairly obvious but position of bars isn't. If you are unsure where bars are pointing at then try variants. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between "points to the first limb of second N" and "points to the middle of second N." If you can't find out details due to coin wear, leave search item as "unknown".