R. Dalton & S.H. Hamer. The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th century

About this project

I have started to collect Conder tokens in March 2019. My first tokens (won at eBay) were Warwickshire 242b (Lady Godiva and arms of Conventry), Yorkshire No. 23 (Hull arms and ship), Anglesey No. 439 (Druid halfpenny) and Wexford No. 1 (Enniscorthy); the latter actually went into my wife's Ireland collection. Then I have downloaded an electronic copy of Dalton and Hamer catalogue and began to study the coinage. It became clear for me that this numismatic area is absolutely fascinating! My budget is severely limited and, being unable to buy beautiful tokens which were passing by on online auctions, I have started to collect images from these auctions and online shops. My collection of images grew and I started to think how to organize them...

In October 2019 this site began as an online version of R.Dalton & S.H.Hamer book "The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th century Illustrated". The copyright of original Dalton and Hamer book has expired and its contents can now be used freely. PDF file of a book can be downloaded from Scribd. However if you have funds I strongly recommend getting paper version as well, it is beautiful. I have 1967 reprint by Seaby bought used on eBay. As far as I know, Bill McKivor of Copper Corner sells 2015 reprints; you can also search eBay for used and new editions. Unfortunately reprints are usually printed with modern offset or digital printing process while original 1910-1918 books were printed in collotype. I haven't seen the original Dalton and Hamer issues, but I handled Peck's "English, Tin and Copper Coins in the British Museum...". Peck's book has 50 plates printed with collotype and these plates display minute detail impossible to print in offset. PDF file mentioned above was also made from offset print, so it does not represent the original book in all its glory. This site supplements classic "bible" of Conder tokens with contemporary high-resolution images of tokens. For every photo displayed at this site a permission has been obtained. The images are not in public domain and are property of their owners; photos of coins from my collection are also online.

Join the project

If you are a collector and have good images of your own Conder tokens and would want to share them, please write! I will be glad to host the images; you will be credited or remain unknown, at your own choice. If you represent a numismatic shop and also have good Conder token photos from your inventory, then again your images can be displayed at this site, and a link to your shop will be placed alongside. The link is free for you; you just have to give me nonexclusive right to use your images.

Status of the site

This website has been created in my free time (and it took quite some time to fill!). I plan to keep it online as my time and resources permit. There are no plans to display advertisements; I dislike them. If you want to support the site, you can donate small amount of money via Paypal; transfer your contribution to asv@ayukov.com.

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Please write to Sergey Ayukov <s.ayukov@gmail.com>.
October 2019 -- May 2020

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