Identification of some Conder token series

This interface is designed to help to identify tokens. Some series contain many very similar designs, e.g. Anglesey pennies and halfpennies, Warwickshire John Wilkinson series, Cheshire Macclessfield halfpennies, Cronebane halfpennies &c. Unexperienced collector is often having hard time finding his variety among pages and pages of quite similar tokens. I am trying to devise ways to speed the identification up. Some would say that digging the coin up in the catalogue is a priceless fun; of course sometimes it is, but not always. Fortunately you are not obliged to use this identification help.

Macclesfield halfpennies 1790-1792
obverse: Charles Roe
reverse: Female with mining tools
Norwich 1792 loom halfpennies
obverse: Norwich shield of arms
reverse: A man working in a loom
Wicklow Cronebane 1789 halfpennies
obverse: A bishop's head in profile, and a crosier tied with a bow of ribbon.
reverse: Shield of arms, crest a windlass
Angusshire Montrose Lunatic Hospital halfpenny
obverse: Duke of Montrose coat of arms
reverse: A building (Montrose Lunatic Hospital)
Middlesex Williams' halfpenny
obverse: The Prince of Wales' crest upon a portcullis.
reverse: A crown on the arms of London.