Identify Wicklow Cronebane 1789 halfpenny
Obverse: Tip of crosier points to
Obverse: Point after HALFPENNY is
Obverse: Top end of ribbon is
Reverse: Tip of digit 1 points to

What it is and what it isn't

This interface is designed to help to identify Wicklow Cronebane tokens dated 1789 and having reverse legend "Associated Irish Mine Company" (Nos. 3-33). Use Search if your token's legend is "Irish Miners Arms".

How to use

Set the properties of your token in the form and press "Search". If you can't find out details due to coin wear, leave search item as "unknown".

"Point after HALFPENNY" refers to vertical position of the dot. If it is close to the base of the text, select "low". If the dot is positioned noticeably higher (aligned with middle of the Y), select "raised".

Top end of ribbon of crosier usually does not point to anything, therefore one should look at its position and distance from other elements, not direction.