Identify Norfolk Norwich loom halfpenny
Obverse: is shield emblazoned (striped)?
Obverse: position of digit 2
Obverse: tuft on lions tail
Obverse: die flaw to left of central tower
Reverse: spokes of the wheel

What it is and what it isn't

This interface is designed to help to identify Norfolk Norwich "Man in loom" halfpenn halfpenny tokens (Nos. 38-45). These do not have legends, only date "1792" on obverse.

How to use

Set the properties of your token in the form and press "Search". If you can't find out details due to coin wear, leave search item as "unknown".

To distinguish Nos. 44 and 45, examine form of the hanging loop on reverse. No. 45 has irregular loop (it seems to be broken at the vertical pole).