Index of Dalton & Hamer catalogue
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A B440, 441Anderson (C.)447
A C441Anderson (D.)447
A D441Anderson (G.)439
A G451Anderson (P.)121
A H443Anderson, Leslie & Co.419
A K444, 451Anderston415
A L444, 513Anglesey329-396
A M444, 445Angus (J.)415
A M C441Anstruther410
A S446Appledore55
A T446Apsey (M.)248
Abchurch Lane (London)154Arbroath407
Abel (M.)247Archer Shooting. For the Prize293
Aberdeen403Archibald (J.)420
Abergavenny208Argyle House408
Adam and Eve200Armed Men. Kentish Liberty, etc.57
Addington Place108Arms (Shield of). Ten Balls318
Airdrie415Arms in Shield. No Legend49
Albion Mill (London)102Arms of London. Fear God, etc.181
Aldermanbury (London)154Arms of London. Scales, Weights139
Aldersgate (London)100, 154, 162Arms, Coat of Cinque Ports57
Alexander (R.)447Arms, Four Hedgehogs. Hedgehog as Crest. Industry has, etc.267
Alfred the Great227, 233Arms. Associated Irish Miners535, 536
Allen (R.)27Arms. Irish Halfpenny Token458, 461
Allin268Arnold Works, Notts.220
Alnwick Castle217, 106Ashley514
Alston268Ashley (S. and T.)209
Amersham2Askins (J.)121
Amos (G.)412Ass with Paniers168
Anchor and Cap of Liberty. London Commercial Token (coat of arms)146Astin (R.)319
Anchor. First of June43Aylesbury2-3, 537
Anchor. In Commemoration43Aylsham209
Anchor. Promissory Halfpenny46Ayrton & Co.50
Anderson (A.)415
B & C238Borthwick (J.)407
B & R454Boscobel222
B O B462Boshell (J.)514
B S446Boston Church108
B W H, Cypher, Two Shillings, etc.259Botanic Gardens, Bath. Halfpenny229
B Y447Botanic Gardens, Bath. Penny226
B.Water for Bridgewater235Botolph Lane (London)155
Bacon (R.)210Boulter (J. D. & J.)209, 216
Badminton36Bow (London)149
Bain (W.)447Bow Lane (London)156
Bakers Halfpenny128Bowes Castle320, 107
Bakers Penny91Boys and Asses. Asses running, etc.222
Ball (T.)87Bradley - see Wilkinson's Tokens
Banbury222Braintree30, 537
Bangor401Bread Street (London)156
Bank of England (London)97, 101Brechin404
Banqueting House, Whitehall (London)106, 110Brent (J.)46
Barbers Hall (London)103Brewer, J.462
Barker (G.)268Brewers Hall (London)103
Barker (S.)244Bridewell Boy168
Barnard Castle28, 106Bridgegate (London)100, 163
Barrel above H S52Bridgewater235
Bartholomew's Hospital (London)97Bridport (Admiral). Farthing51
Basinghall Street (London)155Brightelmstone255
Basingstoke39Brighton and Brighton Camp254
Baster (J.)314Brimscombe Port37, 538
Bastille. View of City Walls Halfpenny254Bristol Farthing239
Bath Abbey Church226Bristol Halfpence236-237
Bath City Medal229Bristol Pence228
Bath City Tokens234-235Bristol Volunteer Token236
Bath Farthings238-239Britannia200
Bath Halfpence228-235, 545British Commercial Farthing205
Bath Pence226-228British Commercial Halfpenny191
Bathgate418British Commercial Penny90
Battle Abbey254, 107British Liberty169
Baxter435British Museum (London)98
Bayly (J.)27Brock and Ferguson418
Bayly (London)122Brookland55
Beaufort (Duke of)36Brooks (W.)34, 452
Bebbington (J.)122Brown (H)412
Bedale321Brown (J.)447
Beeclesiae, i.e. Beccles246Brown (T.)418
Beehive. Industry has its sure reward6, 7, 259Brownbill (H.)323-325
Beehive. Industry source content194Brunswick Halfpenny135
Beeston9Bryen (T. O.)510
Begg (W.)447, 452, 510Bryen Boiroimhe (bust)519, 520
Benenden55Bryson (R.)441
Bennett (G.)258Building. Success to Glass Manufactory236
Berkhampsted1Bull. Herefordshire53
Bermondsey252Bull. June 3, 179653
Bermondsey (London)164Bullen and Martins211
Bersham - see Wilkinson's TokensBundock (T.)61
Bethlem Hospital (London)97Bungay Halfpence247-248
Bethnal Green (London)155, 543Bungay Pence244
Bevan (T.)243Bungay Tower244, 107
Beverley321Burchell (B.)122-124, 543, 552
Bevois (Sr.)50Burdon (R.)28, 30
Bevois (St.)49Burke (E.)320
Biddulph (R.)53Burleigh (J.)5
Biggar (C.)122Burntisland410
Biggs (H.)269Bury St. Edmunds Halfpence248-249
Billingsgate (London)155Bury St. Edmunds Penny245
Bilton (W.)416Bust - Blockheads (Three) - Two Busts198
Birchall (S.)323, 554Bust - Bryen Boiroimhe519, 520
Bird (H.)236Bust - Charles II222
Bird Flying. United Reform Parliament126Bust - Chatham (Earl of)261
Bird. Pro Bono Publico. Farthing427Bust - Druid. Current in County of6, 7, 537
Birm., for Birmingham263, 268Bust - Druid. No Legend. Farthing207
Birmingham 1/-259, 545Bust - Elizabeth (Queen)255
Birmingham 2/-259, 545Bust - Elliot (General)284
Birmingham 2/6259Bust - Elliot (General) Farthing312
Birmingham Buildings280-283, 545Bust - Female. Diva Britanniae261
Birmingham Caledonian Society264Bust - General Convenience193
Birmingham Coining and Copper Co.269, 270Bust - George III. God Save the King. Farthing202
Birmingham Company270Bust - George III. He feels his peoples wants, etc.36
Birmingham Farthings312Bust - George III. Long Live the King180
Birmingham Halfpence267-285Bust - Gulielmus Farthing207
Birmingham Mining and Copper Co.271-276, 545Bust - Gulielmus Vallas409
Birmingham Pence259-265Bust - Howard (John), F.R.S. Halfpenny230
Birmingham Poet263Bust - Howe (Earl) May the French, etc.43
Bishop Street Halfpenny509Bust - Howe (Earl). Penny40
Bishop Street Penny459Bust - Howe. Inscribed to the Tars, etc.43
Bishopsgate (London)100, 155, 162Bust - Jervis (Gallant)47
Bisset277Bust - Jervis (Viscount)46
Bissett (I.) & Son406Bust - Jestyn ap Gwrgan Tywysog, etc.402
Blackfriars (London)155Bust - John of Gaunt64-70
Blackfriars Bridge (London)99Bust - Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Farthing312
Blackfriars Halfpenny (London)122Bust - Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Halfpenny269
Blackie & Co.428Bust - Louis XVI and Queen152
Bladud, Farthings239Bust - Man with Globe in Mouth. Uncharitable, etc.120
Bladud, Founder of Bath, etc.231Bust - No Legend. Sprigs below. Farthing207
Blandford26Bust - No Legend. Unfinished Penny Die262
Blaze (Bishop) bust. May Ireland460Bust - Peace be Established. Farthings206
Blaze (Bishop), standing. Artis, etc.326Bust - Pitt (William)57-58
Blick (Rev. F.). Tamworth Halfpenny243Bust - Queen Elizabeth255
Blockheads (Three)198Bust - Shakespeare, Warwickshire266, 279, 294
Blockheads (Three) - Two Busts (bust)198Bust - Sir Original279
Blofield209Bust - Spence's200
Bloomsbury (London)155Bust - Two Busts-Three Blockheads198
Blue Coat. Boy169Bust in Helmet. No Legend49
Blything Hundred247Bust in Helmet. Promissory Halfpenny29, 44
Bolingbroke (N.)211Bust to left. No Legend409
Bolton320Butler (G.)131
Bone (D.) & Co.439Buxton25
Boog (J.)410Byrne (C.)516
Book (Open), etc. Penny266Byrne (P.)514
Boorman (I. and H.)256
C441Christ Hospital. Sixpence (London)89
C H, Cypher89, 90, 125Christie (J. P.)448
C R454Christie (P.)453
Cabbage Society Farthing205Christie (W.)439
Cabbage Society Halfpenny191, 544Cinque Ports. Coat of Arms57
Cabbage Society Penny118, 544City of London Lying-in Hospital (London)101
Caldecott, Chichester45City Road (London)132
Calder (W.)448City Token (London)121
Calmac, Ryan & Calmac481Clachar & Co.31
Calton439Clark & Harris126
Camac, Kyan & Camac Farthing511Clarke (J.)212, 277
Camac, Kyan & Camac Halfpence462-480, 486-488, 490-494, 548-551, 555Clarke (T.)72
Camac, Kyan & Camac Pence459Clerkenwell (London)156
Camac, Ryan & Camac487Clerkenwell Penny, Gorton's (London)91
Camac, Terner & Carma485Clifford's Tower328
Camac, Turner459, 548Cloakes (J. & T.)62
Camak, Kian & Camak483, 484Clonmell or Dublin621
Camak, Kian & Kamac483, 484, 485Clyde. Male Figure representing Nunquam, etc.413
Camak, Kyan & Camak484Coalbrook Dale223-224
Cambridge Bishop's Hostell5, 105Coat of arms - Anchor and Cap of Liberty. London Commercial Token146
Cambridge Christ College Gate5, 105Coat of arms - Dragon Supporters. Halfpenny83
Cambridge Emanuel College5, 105Coat of arms - E in left bottom corner. Farthing427
Cambridge Halfpence7Coat of arms - For Change not Fraud60
Cambridge King's College5, 105Coat of arms - Halfpenny70, 82
Cambridge Pence5Coat of arms - Lion, etc. Success to Navigation87
Cambridge Queen's College5, 105, 110Coat of arms - Live Birds, Dens, etc.72
Cambridge Trinity College5, 105, 110Coat of arms - Supporters Seahorses, Crest Lion and Ship250
Camden (Lord). Farthing239Coat of arms - Ten Balls on Shield. Halfpenny 1791318
Campbell420, 547Coat of arms - Three Pears. Halfpenny142-143
Campin (R.)211, 212Coats (J.) and Son438
Canac, Kran & Canac485Coining Press169
Canac, Roan & Canac481Colchester31
Canac, Rone & Canac483Coleman Street (London)156
Canac, Ryan & Canac481, 482Colgan (C.)514
Canister. Pro Bono Publico207College Hill (London)157
Canister. Tea & Spirit Dealer435Colley (S.)501
Cannon Street (London)156Collyer (D.)208
Canterbury56Conder (J.)245, 246, 250
Cap of Liberty. Libertas152Cook (A)208
Carfrae (T.)452Cook (Sir Geo.). Halfpence147, 253
Carisbrook Castle108Cook (Sir Geo.). Pence251
Carleton (sic) House (London)97Cooley (S.)511
Carlisle (J.), (York Issuer)328Cooper (W.)191
Carmarthen401Cordwarners Hall (London)103
Carroll (J.)513Cork Farthings513
Carter. London125Cork Halfpence457-458
Cask. Pro Bono Publico207Cork or Dublin457
Castle Attacked by Cannon254Cornhill (London)157
Castle. No Legend31Cornish Copper24, 537
Castles (Three). Dublin Halfpenny461Cornwallis (Chas. Marquis)245
Cat Farthing200Cornwell (A.)501
Cat Halfpenny165Corresponding Society. Halfpence126-127
Cateaton Street (London)156Corresponding Society. Pence115, 541
Cay (J.)448Cotton (G.)428
Chalmers (D.)448Coudin (H.)454
Chambers, Langston, Hall & Co.1Covent Garden (London)153
Chandos Street (London)121Coventry Halfpence285-292
Chapel in Tower (London)161Coventry Pence265-266
Charing Cross (London)149Coventry Public Buildings288-291
Charles II (bust)222Coventry Street (London)127
Charleville519, 547Cowan452
Charlotte (Queen)185, 541Cows Castle108
Chatham (Earl of) (bust)261Cragg (W.)52
Cheapside (London)156Craig-Leith435
Chelmsford31Crawford (R.)451
Chelsea Halfpenny (London)125Crerar (J.)428
Chelsea Hospital (London)97Crewkerne237
Chelsea Penny (London)90Cripplegate (London)100, 157, 163
Cheltenham Medals38, 537, 538Crispin Street (London)149
Chesham3Cronebane524-536, 548
Chester (J.)228, 236Cronebane New Mine534
Chester Castle9, 105Crooms (W.)404
Chester East Gate9, 105Crown within Wreath, H H below it. Farthing429
Chester Halfpence9Crown within Wreath, without HH429
Chester Pence9Crown, and Date 1796. Farthing54
Chesterton6, 105Crown, King and Constitution31
Chichester255-256Crows (J.)58
Chichester and Portsmouth256Croydon252
Ching (J.)126Crutched Friars (London)157
Chiswell Street (London)134Cubie & Paterson416
Christ Church, Surrey (London)164Cumberland. Lake24 , 537
Christ Hospital (London)98, 106, 108Cumnock410
Christ Hospital. Halfpenny (London)125Cupar410
Christ Hospital. Penny (London)90
D B453Downing (J.)321
D C441Dragon Supporters. Halfpenny (coat of arms)83
D D441-442Draper (W.)33
D F442Drapers Hall (London)103
D G442Drogheda or Dublin458, 547
D H454Druid's Bust - see P M Co
D M445Druid. Current in County of (bust)6, 7, 537
D O F513Druid. No Legend. Farthing (bust)207
D S446Drum, etc. Britain Triumphant39
D+442Drums, etc. Above them Ships at Sea254
Dalkeith440Drury Lane Theatre (London)101
Dardis (L.)514Dublin Farthings510-518
Dauphin of France190Dublin Halfpence460
Davidsons (T. & R.)128Dublin or London512
Davies (E.)316Dublin Pence459
Davison and Hawksley220Dublin, Cork or Limerick460, 461
Dawes (J.)329Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Newry460
Deal56Dublin, Newry or Belfast461
Deck (P)245, 248Dudgeon (A.)442
Delany (J.)516Dudgeon (J.)442
Delaporte (J.)91, 540Dudley Castle (Tower of)108, 316
Delf (S.)247Dudley Farthing319
Dell (S.)247Dudley Halfpence317
Dennis. Halfpenny128Dudley Pence316
Dennis. Penny91Dudmaston106, 222
Denton198, 253Duke of York Halfpence189
Denton Norfolk248Duke of York Penny114
Deptford57Dukes Court (London)147
Deserted Village170Dulwich College (London)108
Devizes314Duncan (Admiral)403
Dick (J.)448Dundee Farthings408, 455
Dickson & McDougal428Dundee Halfpence404-405, 547
Dimchurch57Dundee Pence403
Dimsdale (Sir H.)191Dundee Shillings403
Dinmore (R.) & Son212Dunfermline410, 439
Dob517Dunham and Tallop213
Doig (F.)428Dunlop (J.)448
Donald & Co.221, 277Dunmow32, 537
Dophin (sic) of France190Dunn (E.)514
Dorman (P.)516Duns439
Douglas (J.)428Dunse439
Douglass (A.)448Dunstan (Sir J.) Farthing253
Dove, Flying. Dedicated, etc.158Dunstan (Sir J.) Halfpence131
Dove, Flying. Peace and Plenty31, 41, 86, 206Dunstan (Sir J.) Pence98
Dover57Durward (W.)407
Dover Castle58Duval (A.)442
Dowling (M.)514Dyers Hall (London)103
E and C W451Elliot (General) Farthing (bust)312
E C441Elmsthorpe87
E in left bottom corner. Farthing (coat of arms)427Emsworth41
E. I.444End of Pain174-175, 201
Eames, Holland & Andrews45English Slavery170
East Grinstead256Englishman (Freeborn)152, 153, 170
East India House321Enniscorthy521-523
East India House (London)83Epping30
East Linton412Erskin (R.) & Co.416
Eastbourne256, 545Erskine (Hon. T.)191
Eastcheap (London)157Erskine and Gibbs191, 192
Eaton (D. I.)129Esk Mill451
Eccles439Essex Token Farthing34
Eccleston (D.)71Evans (H.)451
Edin. for Edinburgh434Even Fellows. Pitt and Devil201
Edinburgh Farthings427-435, 440-451, 547Eves & Pope277
Edinburgh Halfpence419-426, 547Evesham316
Edinburgh Halfpenny Mule236Ewing (A.)416
Edinburgh Register Office425Excise Office (London)106
Eggo (J.)451Exeter Change143-146
Elizabeth (Queen) (bust)255Exeter Farthings26
Elliot (General) (bust)284Exeter Halfpence25, 537
F B Cypher (Rev. F. Blick)243Finlay (J.)418
F D442Finlayson (T.)416
F I M444Finsbury Square (London)136
F M513Fisher256
Falmouth24Fisher (A.)442
Fay (W.)514Fishmongers Hall (London)103
Female and Boy. Remember the Debtors230Flag. May it be displayed47
Female Flying. Convenience of Public457, 458Fleet Street (London)157, 543
Female on Horseback. Pro Bono, etc.288, 293Fleming (P.)514
Female Seated to right. No Legend409Fleur-de-lis152
Female Seated with Anchor. Halfpenny41Flitwick1, 154
Female Seated. For the Good of the Public459Flynn511
Female Seated. For the Public Good459, 547Folkestone58
Female Seated. Hibernia Farthing512Foller (J.)258
Female Seated. Hibernia Halfpenny509For Change not Fraud (coat of arms)60
Female Seated. Incorporated by Act, etc.489Forbes (J.)428
Female Seated. Industry Sure Reward, etc.508-509Forfar406
Female Seated. Medals and Coins, etc.284Forster (W.)129
Female Seated. Metaland Copper Co.270, 312Fort George, Inverness109
Female Seated. Rule Britannia42Foster (T.)60
Female Standing with Anchor. Support of our Endeavour90Foundling Fields (London)130
Female Standing. Farthing. Success to Commerce511Foundling Hospital (London)98
Female Standing. For Good of Trade458, 501Fountains Abbey320
Female Standing. Halfpenny. Success to Trade31Fowke (R.)87
Female Standing. Hygeia409Fowlers (J.)543
Female Standing. Irish Halfpenny451Fox (C. J.)171, 192
Female Standing. Land we live in504Franklin Press130
Female Standing. No Legend268Frant256
Female Standing. Prosperity to IrelandFrazer (R.)453
Female Standing. Prosperity to Old England31, 212Freeborn Briton153
Female Standing. Truth for my Shield152Freeborn Englishman152, 170
Female. Diva Britanniae (bust)261French Liberty171
Female. For Change not Fraud242French Republican153
Ferguson (J.)418, 451Friday Street (London)157
Ferrier (J.)436Friggles (W.)159
Fielding (J.)83Fuggles (W.)59
Filtering Stone. For Purifying Water127, 419Fulham Palace (London)108
Filtwick (sic), see FlitwickFyan (T.)501
Fincham (J.)249Fyfe (G.)451
G A440Glorious Plan, Spence's165
G B, Cypher. Use of Trade158, 258Gloucester and Berkeley Canal38
G D442Gloucester Buildings35
G F442Gloucester Cathedral36
G H443Gloucester Halfpence38
G H B, Cypher and Coat of Arms268Glover, Bath. Halfpence229, 545
G N518Glover, Bath. Penny226
G R, Cypher. Farthing, 1793395Godinton59
G R, Cypher. For the Public Good256Godstone Tower, illustration107
G S446Goers (J.)248
G T447Goldsmith & Sons251
Galloway (A.)428, 448Goldsmith (W.)30
Galway or Dublin519Goldsmiths' Hall (London)98, 110
Garbett (S.)277Goodman's Fields (London)89
Gardner (Admiral). Penny118Gordon (George)460
Garlick Hill (London)158Gordon (Lord George)171
Garrat191Gorton (T.). Clerkenwell Penny53, 91
Garraway (D.)252Gory (sic) or Dublin523
Garrick (David). Farthing512Gosport Halfpence44, 539
Garrick (David). Halfpence43, 133, 151Gosport Pence39
Garrick's Head149Goudhurst59
Garrick's Seat at Hampton (London)109Gracechurch Street (London)158
Garton (J.) & Co.322Gravesend55
Gaunt (John of)64-70Gray (W.)452
General Convenience (bust)193Great Portland Street (London)140
George and Princess Caroline188, 544Greatheads Penny260
George and Princess Caroline Farthings204Greek Street, Soho (London)96
George III and Queen. Farthings203-204, 544Green (I.)321
George III and Queen. Halfpence184Greenhill Bank244
George III and Queen. Long may they, etc.284Greenock437, 453, 553
George III Medal. Farthing size52Greenwich Hospital (London)98
George III. British Commercial Penny90Greig448
George III. Farthings544Grieve (A.)435
George III. God Save the King. Farthing (bust)202Grieve (D.)435
George III. Halfpence183-184, 544Grmac Kran & Grmac485
George III. He feels his peoples wants, etc. (bust)36Groceries and Spiceries438
George III. Long Live the King257Grocers Hall (London)103
George III. Long Live the King (bust)180Guest (B.)130, 543
George III. National Series Pence111-114, 541, 544Guest (C.)249
George, Prince of Wales33, 70, 95, 185-187, 254Guildford252
Gibbs (I.)60Guildford Castle, illustration107
Gilbert (G.)258Guildhalls (London)97, 113
Glasgow Farthings415-418Guisborough Castle320, 107
Glasgow Halfpence413-414Gulielmus Farthing (bust)207
Glasgow Penny413Gulielmus Vallas (bust)409
Glass (J.)429Guy's Hospital (London)98
Glastonbury Abbey228, 107Gye (W.)227, 230
Glen (T.)418
H443Heath (F.)228, 231
H A440Hemmin (I.)34
H and Bugle Horn501, 502Henderson (P.)411
H G442, 443Hendon (London)133, 513
H H, Cypher. Farthing429Hendrie (A.)429
H H, Cypher. Halfpenny421Henry (T.)452
H K444Hepburn (W.)410
H L517Hereford53
H M & Co. Halfpence462-488, 506, 547, 548Heslop (R.)134
H M C485, 489Hibernia Mine Company459, 462
H M C Dublin Halfpenny486Hickman (H.). Farthing279
H M Co. Commercial Token500Hickman (H.). Halfpenny279
H M Co. Pence459Hider (C.)60
H R B454High Holborn (London)134, 150, 158
H S & Co.458, 503, 504Hoare (W. M.)513
Haberdasers Hall (London)103Hobson5
Hackney Halfpenny. Butler's (London)131Hobson (B.)328
Hackney Halfpenny. Rebello (London)131Hogg (J.)429
Hackney Penny Mules (London)92Holland & Andrews45
Hackney Penny. Rebello (London)92Holland (Philemon)265
Hackney Penny. Skidmore's Copy (London)91Holloway & Son235
Haddington412Holt, Wilts.314
Hagley318Honiatt (C.)53
Hair (G.)429Hood (Admiral Lord)51
Halfpence193, 544Hood (D.)7
Halfpenny (coat of arms)70, 82Hopporton (S.)448
Hall's London Halfpence131-132Horn (J.)57
Hall's London Pence98Hornchurch33, 537
Hallan (W.)278Horne Tooke178
Halliday (J.)410Hornsey (London)134
Halpin (C.)515Horse and Foot Guards (London)102
Halpin (J.)515Horse, Soldier. Loyal Yeoman. Twopence89
Halsall63Horse, Soldier. Pro Rege, etc.215
Hamilton418Horse. Kent Halfpenny Token59
Hamilton (A.)416-417Horsham257, 545
Hamilton. Retailers' Token439Horton & Co. Farthing244
Hampton, Garrick's House (London)109Horton & Co. Halfpence243
Hancock (J. G.) Halfpence279Horton & Co. Penny240
Hancock (J.)132Hotham (R.)540
Hancock's Unfinished Token261House of Commons (London)110, 111
Hand and Scroll. Our Cause is Just71House of Industry. Halfpenny462
Handel (G. F.)193, 214House of Lords (London)109
Hands (J.)327Howard (J.). Farthing312
Hands clasped. Arte favente, etc.242Howard (John)46, 230
Hanover Square (London)158Howard (John), F.R.S. Halfpenny (bust)230
Hardie (H.)448Howard (John). Penny115
Hardie (J.)411, 448Howe (Adml. Earl). Farthing51-52
Hardingham214Howe (Earl) May the French, etc. (bust)43
Hardy (T.) Pence115, 541Howe (Earl). Penny40
Hare (J.)513Howe (Earl). Penny (bust)40
Harleston249Howe And the First of June43
Harolds Cross504-505Howe And the Glorious First of June41, 42
Harrison198Howe. Inscribed to the Tars, etc. (bust)43
Harrison (H.). Farthing429Howe. May the French, etc.43
Harrison (H.). Halfpenny421Hoxne and Hartsmere245, 249
Harvey (J.)214Huddersfield321
Hastings257, 545Hughes (E.)329
Hatfield's132Hull322, 546
Haven (R.)429Hunter (J.)430, 452
Havens448Hunter (J.) Co.448
Haverhill249Hutchison (T. & A.)421-423
Havering33Hutchison (T.)443, 448
Hawick453Hutton (M.)511, 515
Hawkhurst60Hyde Park (London)153
Haycraft (T.)57Hythe60
Heath (C.)31
I B440, 441Inscription. Grocer and Wine Merchant438
I C441Inscription. Struck in honour293
I D442, 513Inverary Castle408
I E442Inverkeithing411
I G442Inverness412
I H443Ipswich Halfpence250
I K444Ipswich Pence245-216
I M442, 444, 445Irish Halfpenny Token. Shield of Arms461
I M Co.458, 459Irish Mine Company, 1789524-529
I N454Irish Mine Company, 1793529
I S446Irish Miners' Arms. 1794532
I T516, 517Irish Miners' Arms. 1795532
I T -- see Godinton59Irish Miners' Arms. No Date530
I x I444Ironmongers Almshouse (London)98
Ibberson134, 543Ironmongers Hall (London)103
Ilchester Goal230Isle of Wight45
Innes (E.)443Isleworth (London)109
Inscription. Gold, Silver or Copper236Islington Church (London)142
J A440Jestyn ap Gwrgan Tywysog, etc. (bust)402
J E & Co.Jobson (G.)217
J K, Cypher. Promissory Penny262John of Gaunt64-70, 87
J M & Co.408John of Gaunt (bust)64-70
J S446Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Farthing (bust)312
J T59Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Halfpenny (bust)269
Jackson (Sir George)54Johnson (Dr.) Bust242
Jacob (B.)264Johnson (Thomas)260
James (C.). Halfpenny135Johnston449
James (C.). Pence93-94, 540Johnston (A.)415
Jebberson (C.)134Johnston (J.)430, 449
Jedburgh438Johnston (R.)410
Jennings (T.)88Johnston (W.)430
Jermyn Street (London)125Jones (B. & J.)44
Jervis (Gallant) (bust)47Jones (T.)319
Jervis (Sir J.)47Jordan (J.)44
Jervis (Viscount) (bust)46Jordan (T.) & Co.89
Jervis (Viscount), and the Glorious, etc.46Julious Ceaser (sic)202
Jervis, Adml. (Sir Jno.). Farthing52
K S517Kew Palace (London)106
Kally437, 553Keys (T.)252
Kamac, Kian & Camak484Kidderminster318, 546
Kamac, Kian & Kamac484, 489Kilvingtons (J.)135, 543
Kamuc, Kean & Kamuc487King (T.)55
Kamuc, Kyan & Kamuc486King's Theatre, Haymarket (London)101
Kelly135Kingdon (S.)25
Kelly (H.)516Kingtons29
Kelly (T.)515Kirby (J.)179
Kempson (P.)262Kirk (J.)439
Kempson's Birmingham Buildings280-283Kirkcaldy. Farthings411
Kempson's London Buildings97-100Kirkcaldy. Halfpence439
Kendal Castle313, 107Kirkcaldy. Penny410
Kendal Halfpence313, 546Kirkpatrick (P.)408
Kent Halfpenny Token59Kirkwood430
Kerr439Kirkwood (J.)417
Kershaw (J.)85Kormac, Kran and Grmac485
L & R504-505London - Isleworth109
L G443London - Islington Church142
L M445London - Jermyn Street125
Lackington (J.)136-137, 543London - Kew Palace106
Lackington on Irish Mule460London - King's Theatre, Haymarket101
Lambe & Son (London)227, 231-233, 238, 239London - Lambe & Son227, 231-233, 238, 239
Lambe (M.) & Son231, 238, 545London - Lambeth251
Lamberhurst60London - Lambeth Palace101, 251, 107
Lambeth (London)251London - Leadenhall103
Lambeth Palace (London)101, 251, 107London - Leadenhall Street159
Lanark418London - Leather Lane132
Lancashire Halfpenny71London - Leather Sellers Hall103
Lancaster Bridge and Castle63London - Little Tower Street161
Lancaster Farthings86London - Lombard Street159
Lancaster Halfpence64-70, 539-540London - London Bridge99, 159
Lashmar (R.)179London - London Wall159
Lawrie & Co.449London - Long Acre122-124
Lawrie (J.) & Co.418London - Lothbury159
Leadenhall (London)103London - Love Lane159
Leadenhall Street (London)159London - Ludgate100, 163
Leather Lane (London)132London - Ludgate Hill159
Leather Sellers Hall (London)103London - Ludgate Street96
Leatherdales, Harleston249London - Lyceum Theatre137, 543
Leeds323-326London - Mansion House97
Leek241-242, 545London - Martletrt Court135
Lees (J.)449London - Marylebone140
Leigh34London - Merchant Taylors Hall104
Leighton Buzzard1London - Middlesex Hospital98
Leinster Halfpenny459London - Minories160
Leith Farthings435, 439, 451-452London - Montague House98
Leith Halfpence426London - Monument99
Leonard (T.)515London - Moorgate100, 163
Leven411London - New Street, Covent Garden129
Lewis (J.)430London - Newgate100, 163
Lichfield Farthings244London - Newgate Prison140, 343
Lichfield Halfpence242London - Old Cavendish Street180
Lichfield Penny240London - Old Fish Street157
Lillie (G.)451London - Old Jewry160
Limekilns411, 439London - Old Street160
Lincoln87London - Ordnance Office99
Linlithgow418London - Paddington New Church160
Lion & Lamb Penny119London - Pauls Wharf160
Lion in Cave. Nemo me, etc.262London - Piccadilly122
Lion, etc. Success to Navigation (coat of arms)87London - Place157
Lion. Revolution Penny114London - Poultry160
Lions (Three). Promissory Halfpenny payable at269London - Queen Square160
Little Tower Street (London)161London - Queenhithe160
Live Birds, Dens, etc. (coat of arms)72London - Royal Exchange97, 99
Liverpool Farthings86London - Rupert Street148
Liverpool Halfpence72-82, 539, 540London - Russell Court149
Liverpool Penny63London - Sadlers Hall104
Loch Leven413London - Serle Street540
Loder (R.)246London - Sessions House, Old Bailey102
Lombard Street (London)159London - Shadwell161
London - Abchurch Lane154London - Shoreditch Church161
London - Albion Mill102London - Sion House, Brentford109
London - Aldermanbury154London - Sise Lane128
London - Aldersgate100, 154, 162London - Skinners Hall104
London - Bank of England97, 101London - Small-pox Hospital109
London - Banqueting House, Whitehall106, 110London - Smithfield198
London - Barbers Hall103London - Smithfield Token142
London - Bartholomew's Hospital97London - Snow Hill132, 161
London - Basinghall Street155London - Somerset House97
London - Bermondsey164London - South Sea House106, 109
London - Bethlem Hospital97London - Southwark164
London - Bethnal Green155, 543London - Spitalfields Church161
London - Billingsgate155London - Spring Gardens122
London - Bishopsgate100, 155, 162London - St. Bartholomew the Great155
London - Blackfriars155London - St. Bartholomew the Less155
London - Blackfriars Bridge99London - St. Brides543
London - Blackfriars Halfpenny122London - St. George's Hospital98
London - Bloomsbury155London - St. Giles in the Fields158
London - Botolph Lane155London - St. James' Palace98
London - Bow149London - St. James' Street179
London - Bow Lane156London - St. Luke's Hospital98
London - Bread Street156London - St. Martin's Lane91, 540
London - Brewers Hall103London - St. Paul's Cathedral96, 141, 179
London - Bridgegate100, 163London - St. Paul's Covent Garden98, 153
London - British Museum98London - St. Paul's School102, 109
London - Cannon Street156London - St. Thomas's Hospital99
London - Carleton (sic) House97London - Stationers Hall104
London - Cateaton Street156London - Stepney Church161
London - Chandos Street121London - Stoke Newington161
London - Chapel in Tower161London - Stormont's (Lord) House,Wandsworth109
London - Charing Cross149London - Strand129, 135, 137, 161
London - Cheapside156London - Suffolk Street, Haymarket149
London - Chelsea Halfpenny125London - Surgeons Hall104, 109
London - Chelsea Hospital97London - Surrey Street, Blackfriars130
London - Chelsea Penny90London - Tallow Chandlers Hall104
London - Chiswell Street134London - Temple Bar163
London - Christ Church, Surrey164London - Thames Street161
London - Christ Hospital98, 106, 108London - Threadneedle Street161
London - Christ Hospital. Halfpenny125London - Tower (Little) Street161
London - Christ Hospital. Penny90London - Tower Chapel161
London - Christ Hospital. Sixpence89London - Tower Hill, Black Horse138
London - City of London Lying-in Hospital101London - Tower of London102, 115
London - City Road132London - Treasury, St. James Park102
London - City Token121London - Trinity Almshouses99
London - Clerkenwell156London - Trinity House101
London - Clerkenwell Penny, Gorton's91London - Walbrook162
London - Coleman Street156London - Wandsworth. Lord Stormont's House109
London - College Hill157London - Wapping162
London - Cordwarners Hall103London - Wax Chandlers Hall104
London - Cornhill157London - Westminster162
London - Covent Garden153London - Westminster Abbey102
London - Coventry Street127London - Westminster Bridge99
London - Cripplegate100, 157, 163London - Westminster Halfpenny182
London - Crispin Street149London - Westminster Hall110
London - Crutched Friars157London - Whitechapel162
London - Drapers Hall103London - Whitehall Gate163
London - Drury Lane Theatre101London - Willsdon162
London - Dukes Court147London - Wood Street162
London - Dulwich College108London - Wormwood Street126, 139
London - Dyers Hall103London and Brighton179
London - East India House83London and Middlesex. Farthings202
London - Eastcheap157London and Middlesex. Halfpence185, 186
London - Excise Office106London and Middlesex. Shakespeare182
London - Finsbury Square136London and Westminster. Pennies101
London - Fishmongers Hall103London Bridge (London)99, 159
London - Fleet Street157, 543London Commercial Token146
London - Foundling Fields130London Corresponding Society Halfpence126-127
London - Foundling Hospital98London Corresponding Society Penny115
London - Friday Street157London Wall (London)159
London - Fulham Palace108London, Essex and Norfolk182
London - Garlick Hill158London, Leeds and Birmingham182
London - Garrick's Seat at Hampton109Long (R.)56
London - Goldsmiths' Hall98, 110Long Acre (London)122-124
London - Goodman's Fields89Loom, Man in. No Legend86, 547
London - Gracechurch Street158Loom. Nothing without Industry461
London - Great Portland Street140Loom. Success to the Bay Trade31
London - Greek Street, Soho96Lothbury (London)159
London - Greenwich Hospital98Lottery Tokens148
London - Grocers Hall103Louis Rex190
London - Guildhalls97, 113Louis XVI and Queen190
London - Guy's Hospital98Louis XVI and Queen (bust)152
London - Haberdasers Hall103Love Lane (London)159
London - Hackney Halfpenny. Butler's131Low Hall24
London - Hackney Halfpenny. Rebello131Lowestoft250
London - Hackney Penny Mules92Loyal Britons' Lodge194
London - Hackney Penny. Rebello92Loyal Yeoman89
London - Hackney Penny. Skidmore's Copy91Ludgate (London)100, 163
London - Hampton, Garrick's House109Ludgate Hill (London)159
London - Hanover Square158Ludgate Street (London)96
London - Hendon133, 513Ludlow Castle222, 106
London - High Holborn134, 150, 158Lutwyche Farthing312
London - Hornsey134Lutwyche Halfpenny284
London - Horse and Foot Guards102Lyceum Theatre (London)137, 543
London - House of Commons110, 111Lynch (J.)513
London - House of Lords109Lyndhurst Medal44
London - Hyde Park153Lynn208
London - Ironmongers Almshouse98Lyon (I.)515
London - Ironmongers Hall103
M & I238, 326McLaren (R.)430
M & S452McMillan (J.) & Co.439
M C441McNeilage (W.)415
M D454McQueen & Steel430
M F442Meikle (G.)431
M F W505Meikle (W. & G.)411
M M454Meiklejon (J.)411
M S446Melrose (A.)431
Macarra (C.)430Men at Forge. Success to Trade327
Macbride (Adml.)52Men Hanging. End of Bunepart (sic)263
Macclesfield Farthings23Men Hanging. Greatheads260
Macclesfield Halfpence9-22, 537Men Hanging. Loggerheads260
Macclesfield Penny9Mendoza Halfpence172
Macfarlane (H.)449Mendoza Pence95
Mackintosh, Inglis & Wilson412Menelaws449
Maidstone61Menzies (T.)437
Mail Coach134, 137, 543Merchant Taylors Hall (London)104
Maillers (R.)411, 439Meriden293
Maldon33Metcalf (J.)321
Man and Woolpack. Success Woolen Manu., etc.252Middlesex Hospital (London)98
Man hanging on Tree. Tommy's Rights Penny115Mighell (W.)255
Man in Loom, No Legend86, 547Mill (J.) & Co.449
Man in Loom, Nothing without Industry457Millar (A.)451
Man in Loom, Success Glasgow141, 414, 456Millar (J.)440
Man on All Fours. The Law, etc.201Miller (T.)247
Man on Horse, and Dragon49Miller (W.)418, 451
Man with Globe in Mouth. Uncharitable, etc. (bust)120Milne (J.)431
Manchester Halfpence83-84Milton (J.). Penny95
Manchester Penny63Minories (London)160
Manning (R.)250Mione (V.)449
Mansion House (London)97Mitchell (J.)431
Map of France. Halfpence42, 192, 544Mitchell (S.)418
Map of France. Pence118Molison (A.)404
Maplesden (R.)258Moncrieff (C.)431
Marine Society Boy172Monmouth208
Marr451Monster Sedition. Our Food, etc.264
Marshall (J.)449Montague House (London)98
Martletrt Court (London)135Montrose406-407, 547
Marylebone (London)140Monument (London)99
Mason435Monument. Crescit in Immensvm262
Mason (J.)444Moore's140
Masonic Halfpence138, 543Moorgate (London)100, 163
Masonic Penny95Morgan (J.)401
Matthews (J.)56Morris (J.)431
Maxwell (P.)436, 437Morrison (W.)449
McBeath449Morse (J.)38
McDonogh (M.)515Morton (D.)431
McDougal & Co.449Morton (T.)435, 551
McEwen (A.)449Mullady (B.)515
McFarlan (M.)430Munster519-520
McFarlane435Murphy (M.)512
McGrane (J.)515Musselburgh452, 547
McKay449Myns (W.)59
N K444Newton Farthings7, 205-206
Neeton (E.)140Niblock & Hunter237
Nelson (Admiral Sr Horatio)259, 545Nicholson (D.)431
Nelson (Admiral Sr Horatio) Penny40Nickson (J.)291
Netley Abbey40Nicol (A.)407
New Street, Covent Garden (London)129Nimmo (J.)453
New York Theatre110Nimmo (R.)432
Newburgh411Nivens (J.)453
Newcastle Farthings220Nivison432
Newcastle Halfpence217-218, 545No Legend. Sprigs below. Farthing (bust)207
Newcastle Pence217No Legend. Unfinished Penny Die (bust)262
Newent38, 538Noel (Colonel)222
Newgate (London)100, 163North Shields219
Newgate Prison (London)140, 343North Wales. Farthings399
Newmarket Halfpenny7North Wales. Halfpence397-398
Newmarket Penny6Northampton217
Newport45Northiam258, 545
Newsham (Mrs.). Pence93Norwich210-215, 545
Newsham Halfpence132Norwich Castle, illustration106
Newsham with Necklace. Halfpence93Norwich Loyal Association209
Newstead221Noted Advocates. Three Men Hanging175
Newton (Sir I.). Halfpence194Nuneaton293
Odd Fellows. Man and Ass172Orchard (R.). Sawbridgeworth Halfpenny54
Odd Fellows. Quis Rides173Orchard (R.). Sawbridgeworth Penny54
Old Cavendish Street (London)180Orchard's Farthings198
Old Fish Street (London)157Orchard's Halfpence142
Old Jewry (London)160Orchard's London Penny96
Old Street (London)160Ord (John)460
Olivers (H.)61Ordnance Office (London)99
Oppenheim (M. & H.)141Orniment. Halfpenny150
Oppression (Beginning of)173Orpington55
Oppression (End of)174
P & E435Penryn24
P B440Percival (Ann)512
P C441Percy (E. W.)265
P F445Perrins (I.)260
P H443Perth436-437, 547
P M445Peters (D.)437
P M Co. Farthings395Petersfield45
P M Co. Farthings, Mules395-396Phusitechnikon505
P M Co. Halfpence, dated 1787371Piccadilly (London)122
P M Co. Halfpence, dated 1788371-382Picken432
P M Co. Halfpence, dated 1789383-385Pidcock Farthings199
P M Co. Halfpence, dated 1790386Pidcock Halfpence143-146
P M Co. Halfpence, dated 1791387-389Pigs' Meat176, 200
P M Co. Halfpence, dated 1792390Pilmer (J.)405
P M Co. Halfpence, dated 1794390Pinkerton (A.) & Co.449
P M Co. Halfpence, Mules391-392Pinkerton (J.)39
P M Co. Halfpence, not dated371Pintosh (M.)257
P M Co. Paris Miners393-394, 546Pitt (W.) Rt. Hon. W. Pitt Penny116, 541
P M Co. Pay the bearer, etc.394-395Pitt (William) (bust)57-58
P M Co. Pence, dated 1784350Place (London)157
P M Co. Pence, dated 1787329-341, 546Plough. Success to Cultivation, etc.36
P M Co. Pence, dated 1788342-366, 546Plymouth26, 537
P M Co. Pence, dated 1789366Pollands (J.)432
P M Co. Pence, dated 1790367Pollock (A.)451
P M Co. Pence, dated 1791367Pollock (J.)451
P M Co. Pence, Mules368-369Poole Farthings28
P M Co. Pence, not dated329, 368Poole Halfpence27, 537
P M Co. Promissory Halfpence394Portobello435, 551
P M Co. We promise, etc.Penny 90Portsea Farthings51
P M S Cypher,Penny 1788353Portsea Halfpence48
P P & W27Portsmouth46-47
P S Co., Cypher152Portsmouth and Chichester45
P S, Cypher (Skidmore)284Poultry (London)160
P T447Powell (J.)208
Paddington New Church (London)160Prattent146
Paine (Thomas). Penny115Prentice (S.)244, 247
Paisley Farthings438Presbury & Co.147
Paisley Penny437Prestonpans453
Paley (R.)325, 326Preter Pew and Whitty27
Palmer (S.) and Wright (D.)88Pretor Pew and Whitby27
Pandoras Breeches176, 201Price (B.)133
Pantheon (Dublin)505Priestley. Halfpenny284
Paris Miners393, 394Priestley. Pence264
Parker (W.)506Prince of Wales Crest, Dublin, Cork, etc.33, 70, 254
Parris (W.)57Prince of Wales Farthings204
Paterson (A. & J.)432Prince of Wales Plumes, Farthing54
Paterson (J.)410Prince of Wales. Georgivs G.P.S.SC.D. 1799409
Pauls Wharf (London)160Prince of Wales. Georgivs Wallisae Princeps409
Payne & Turner233Prince of Wales. Halfpence185-187
Peace be Established. Farthings (bust)206Princess of Wales Halfpence188
Peckham (J.)4Pringle (G.)412
Peckham (W.)55Puddington1
Peebles453Purdie (D.)449
Pellew (E.)56Pye (C.)284
Queen Elizabeth (bust)255Queenhithe (London)160
Queen Square (London)160
R445Richardson Goodluck & Co.148
R & D, Kendal, Cypher313Ring (G.)256
R B547Rivalx (sic) Abbey109
R D442Robb (A.)432, 450
R F442Roberts (S.)401
R G454Robertson (J.)56
R H443Robinson, Mooney & Carter46
R K444Rochdale85-86
R L T & C508Rodgers (T.)432
R L T & Co.506-509Roe & Co.9-23
R L T Co.509Romaine (Rev. W.). Pence116
R M444-445Romaine Halfpence195
R W448, 521Romford33
Rackham245, 249Romney61
Raft. French Folly, etc.39Romney Marsh57
Randolph (G.) & Co.417Ronald (T.)411
Ratlev147, 148Rook (J.)215
Ravelston435Rooney (P.)516
Rayner (J.) & Co.84Ross453
Reeves (T.)55Ross (A.)450
Reid (H.)417, 439Rourke (J.)512
Reid (J.)438Royal Exchange (London)97, 99
Reith449Ruins. One Only Master, etc.170
Reith & Co.432Rupert Street (London)148
Retailers' Token. Farthing417-418Rusher (W.)222
Revolution (Before the)176Russell (A.)433
Revolution Penny320Russell Court (London)149
Reynolds (J.)432Rutherglen418
Reynolds (R.) & Co.285-288Rutland222
Richardson (R.)412Rye258
S C441Snedshill, see Wilkinson's Tokens
S I444Snow (M)62
S S445Snow Hill (London)132, 161
Sadlers Hall (London)104Socy. for Free Debate, Birmingham264
Sailor (True Hearted)177Somerset House (London)97
Sailor and Neptune47Somerset Yeomanry. Halfpenny228
Salisbury315Somerset Yeomanry. Penny226
Salmon, Courtney and Frost49South Sea House (London)106, 109
Salter149South Shields29
Sanderson (R.) & Co.425-426South Wales. Farthing400
Sandwich61Southampton. Farthings51
Sanger (W.)26Southampton. Halfpence49-50, 539
Sangster (I.)445Southampton. Medal52, 539
Sanquhar410Southampton. Penny40
Santer (J.)318Southwark (London)164
Sargeant (G. E.)48Spadin (J.)446
Savage (S.)468Spalding88
Sawbridgeworth. Halfpenny54Sparks di Gidley237
Sawbridgeworth. Penny54Spence (J.)217
Sawyer (J.)61Spence's (bust)200
Scales. God be praised, etc.37Spence's Address167-168
Scales. Good Lord be praised, etc.37Spence's Bust165-166, 543
Scales. Sale of Corn, etc.37Spence's Farthings200-202
Schooling149Spence's Glorious Plan165
Scott & Fulton452Spence's Halfpence165-179, 543-544
Scott (A. and J.)440Spinning Wheel. By Labour, etc.462
Scott (M.)433Spitalfields Church (London)161
Scott (T.) & Co.413Spittle (I.)179
Scuogall & Drysdale433Spotswood (M.)450
Sedition (Monster). Our Food, etc.264, 545Spring Gardens (London)122
Serle Street (London)540St. Albans, Herts.34, 54
Sessions House, Old Bailey (London)102St. Andrew and Cross. Nemo me, etc. Farthing427
Shackelton (F.)149St. Andrew and Cross. Nemo me, etc. Halfpenny425
Shadwell (London)161St. Bartholomew the Great (London)155
Shakespeare, Warwickshire (bust)266, 279, 294St. Bartholomew the Less (London)155
Shakespeare. London and Middx.182St. Bride's543
Sharp (J. M.)411St. Brides (London)543
Sharp (T.)292St. Davids402
Sharp. Portsmouth45St. George and Dragon. Promissory Halfpenny49
Sharpe (J. and T.)315St. George's Hospital (London)98
Shaw450St. Giles in the Fields (London)158
Shearer (G.) & Co.413St. James' Palace (London)98
Sheffield327St. James' Street (London)179
Sheffield Constitutional Soc. Halfpennies327, 546St. Luke's Hospital (London)98
Sheffield Constitutional Soc. Pennies320St. Martin's Lane (London)91, 540
Shepheard, Dove, Hammett & Co.26St. Paul's Cathedral (London)96, 141, 179
Shepherd under a Tree. No Legend177, 543St. Paul's Covent Garden (London)98, 153
Sherborne27St. Paul's School (London)102, 109
Sherborne Castle222, 106St. Thomas's Hospital (London)99
Sheridan (R. B.). Penny116Stafford. Farthing244
Shield and Flags. Unite and be Free320Stafford. Halfpence243, 545
Ship. Coaly Tyne219, 220Stafford. Pence240
Ship. Corn imported by Government36Stag and Tree. No Legend177
Ship. God preserve Plough and Sail250Stag's Head. Let Britain Flourish419
Ship. No Legend. Fish below49Stag. Freedom with Innocence Farthing202
Ship. Payable48Stag. Freedom with Innocence Halfpence196
Ship. Pro Bono Publico29, 44Stag. Freedom with Innocence Pence118, 541
Ship. Royal George57Stanhope (Earl)195, 545
Ship. Under Providence46Staplehurst61
Ship. Val-t Brittish Tars14Stars, fourteen. E Pluribus, etc.71
Ship. Wooden Walls, etc.58Stationers Hall (London)104
Shipden (R.)60Steel (M. and J.)450
Ships at Sea. Arms Below254Steele (J.)406
Ships. Cape St. Vincent47Stepney Church (London)161
Shire Hall31Steuart433
Shoreditch Church (London)161Stewart (P.)453
Shrewsbury Farthing225Stinton (W.)179 544
Shrewsbury Halfpence224-225, 545Stockton29
Simmons (J.)61Stoke Newington (London)161
Simmons (R.)513Stone62
Sims149Stone (M.)149
Sinclair (D.)433Stork. Promissory Halfpenny45
Sinton & Co.450Stormont's (Lord) House,Wandsworth (London)109
Sion House, Brentford (London)109Stort. Navigation54, 539
Sir Original (bust)279Stortford54 539
Sise Lane (London)128Stourbridge319
Skidmore (P.). Pence105-110Stowe4
Skidmore Arms. Halfpence152Strand (London)129, 135, 137, 161
Skidmore Churches and Gates154-164Stratford-on-Avon. Halfpennies293
Skidmore Farthings199Stride (J.)41
Skidmore Halfpence150-153Sturrock (J.)446
Skinner (T.)55Suainson180
Skinners Hall (London)104Sudbury251
Slave. Halfpence195Suffolk Street, Haymarket (London)149
Slave. Pence119, 541, 542Summers (R.)180
Sleaford87Sunderland. Halfpence30
Slough4Sunderland. Pence28
Small-pox Hospital (London)109Supporters Seahorses, Crest Lion and Ship (coat of arms)250
Smith & Gibson418Surgeons Hall (London)104, 109
Smith & Wilson404Surrey Street, Blackfriars (London)130
Smith (B.) & Co.321Sutherland (G.)450
Smith (W.)446Swainson180
Smithfield (London)198Swan Penny111
Smithfield Token (London)142Swansea402
Smyth (C.)516Swap (A.) & Co.405, 547
Smyth (J.)61Swords or Dublin510
Snake in Grass. Nourished, etc.264
T517Three Thomas's202
T A517Thurlow Penny117
T CTill (W.)4
T D454Tipton243
T L44Todd (M.)248
T P445Toke (Mr.)59, 62
T S455Token Collectors' Halfpence129
T W, Cypher. Promissory Penny Token262Tooke (Horne)178, 196
T. T(homson). Evesham316Torrance (R.)450
Tackle (Tom)197, 544Tower (Little) Street (London)161
Talbort F y a nTower Chapel (London)161
Tallant (T.)249Tower Hill, Black Horse (London)138
Tallow Chandlers Hall (London)104Tower of London (London)102, 115
Tamworth. Halfpenny243Tower. No Legend517
Tamworth. Penny241Traquiar (J.)454
Taylor & Moody49Treasury, St. James Park (London)102
Taylor (P.)438Tree of Liberty178
Taylor (R.)410Triangle, with Masonic Emblems. Sit Lux, etc.138
Tea Chest and Two Sugar Loaves. Teas438, 547Triangle. King, Lords, Commons128
Tea Chest. Wines and Foreign Spirits438, 547Trinity Almshouses (London)99
Tebay (J.)257Trinity House (London)101
Temple Bar (London)163Tullamore519, 547
Ten Balls on Shield. Halfpenny 1791 (coat of arms)318Tume Dublin Halfready485
Tenterden62Turnbull (G.)447
Thallon (R.)433Turnbull (W.)438
Thames and Severn Canal37Turne Camac500
Thames Street (London)161Turner (G.)452
Thelwall177Turner Camac. Chairman495
Thom (J.)450Turner Camac. Farthing511
Thomson434, 547Turner Camac. Halfpennies495-500
Thomson (P.)434Turner Camac. Penny459
Thomson (T.)452Turnstile (Little)178
Threadneedle Street (London)161Two Busts-Three Blockheads (bust)198
Three Pears. Halfpenny (coat of arms)142-143Tyrrell517
U.S.A. Arms on Irish Mules458, 460Union Mill265
Uncharitable Monopolizer120, 542United Token179
V I517Victual Co.435
Vase and Scythes. Time Destroys, etc.111Voss (J.)402
Venables (T.)225
W A440Weymouth28, 537
W B453, 455Wheatsheaf. Bakers Halfpenny91, 128
W C441, 452Wheatsheaf. Peace and Plenty. Halfpenny87, 458, 519, 520, 521
W F452Wheatsheaf. Plenty and Liberty7
W G442Wheatsheaf. Relief against Monopoly36
W G M, Cypher. Halfpenny315Wheeler (F.)2
W H443White (J.)426, 440
W H Co.457, 510White (R.)
W H, Cypher. Farthing244Whitechapel (London)162
W K444Whitehall Gate (London)163
W L444Whitfield (J.)180, 544
W L & Co.518Whyte (R.)450
W N445Wilkenson (J.)301, 305, 306, 308
W R443, 445Wilkins (R. B.)45
W S446Wilkinson (John). Silver Token295
W. F. B. & Co. Halfpenny509Wilkinson Farthing312
W. F. B. & Co. Penny459Wilkinson Halfpence295-311, 546
Wainfleet88Wilkison (J.)295, 299, 301, 305, 309, 310, 311
Walbrook (London)162Will (J.)450
Walcot Turnpike, Bath231Willey - see Wilkinson's Tokens
Walker (A. J. & M.)434William III.185
Walker Blackie & Co.434William III. Revolution Jubilee114, 185
Wallace, Sir William409Williams (T.)329
Waller (W.)1Williams (W.)181
Walsh, P.516, 547Williamson (J.)434
Wandsworth. Lord Stormont's House (London)109Willis (Dr. J.)117
Wanstead30, 106Willsdon (London)162
Wapping (London)162Wilson (G.)450
Ward (W.)95Wilson (J.)453
Warley Camp33Wilson (R.)452
Warwickshire County. Halfpence266Wiltshire Yeomanry314
Warwickshire County. Penny259Winchelsea258
Warwickshire Yeomanry263Windsor1
Washington (Gen.). Halfpence197Winton (J.)435, 453
Washington (Gen.). Pence120, 542Wise (A.)450
Water Gate Custom455Wishart (J.)411
Waterson & Co.418Wolverhampton243
Watson (J.)450Wood & Co.227, 233
Watt (W.)411, 435Wood (J.)452
Wauch (J.)454Wood (T.)39
Wax Chandlers Hall (London)104Wood Street (London)162
Webb (J.)293Woodbridge246, 545
Webster (A.)411, 450Woodcock (R.)521-523
Welch (T.)262-263Woodford34, 537
Wemyss (D.)434Worcester City Medals319, 546
West Clandon Place251, 107, 109Worcestershire County Token316
West Cowes50Wormwood Street (London)126, 139
Westminster (London)162Worswick (T.) & Sons64-70
Westminster Abbey (London)102Wright (D.) & S. Palmer88
Westminster Bridge (London)99Wright (J.)403, 426
Westminster Halfpenny (London)182Wroxham208
Westminster Hall (London)110Wyon (T.)262
X X441
Yarmouth. Farthings216Yeovil238
Yarmouth. Halfpennies216York328, 546
Yarmouth. Penny209York (Duke of)152, 189
Yarum Castle320, 107Yorkshire County Halfpenny321
Yeoman (Loyal)89Young (H.)96