Anglesey 164, 1788 penny counterfeits (Dalton & Hamer, page 353)

Denomination: penny, scarcity: Very rare (RR)
Thin wreath. Long-Topped P. Straight 1 and 7. Single acorns.
19 acorns in wreath.

164. O: Druid's head in a thin wreath of oak. Nineteen acorns, ten to left and
        nine to right.
     R: A monogram cypher, P M Co. WE PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ONE PENNY 1788.
        Date above the cypher. 1 under second limb of N, less space between
        the beginning and end of legend.
     E: ON DEMAND IN LONDON LIVERPOOL OR ANGLESEY. The letters are more like
        the genuine issue.

No. 164, RR.

The counterfeits are usually in poor condition, badly struck and light weight. 
The letters of edge reading also differ in size and shape. They are not struck 
in collar.


druid_head,pmco,we promise to pay the bearer one penny 1788