Dublin 292, Turner Camac (Dalton & Hamer, page 498)

Denomination: halfpenny, scarcity: Very rare (RR)
Harp with Eight Strings.

292. O: Female seated holding a harp which has eight strings. INCORPORATED BY ACT
        OF PARLIAMENT 1792. The line of head to centre of A.
     R: A cypher H M Co. TURNER CAMAC CHAIRMAN HALFPENNY. Top of C to first limb 
        of H.

The Turner Camac Series are all very rare. Nos. 271 and 304, five traced; 294,
four traced; 277, 292, 295, 297, 301 and 303, three traced; all the others, only
one or two traced. No. 274a, not traced.


incorporated by act of parliament,1792,turner camac chairman,halfpenny,hmco

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Standard edge is described at page 495.

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